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A beachfront residence for you to enjoy on the pacific coast of Oaxaca, México.

A project of multi-awarded architect Alberto Calleja. He idealized a concept for retreat and enjoyment, projecting accessible rooftops, an external cinema projection area, as well as multiple water environments.

Four bedrooms and the Palapa surrounded by untouched nature will make your stay an unforgettable experience. Casa Malandra is part of four neighboring signature beachfront houses mastered by Calleja.

Screenshot 2020-05-09 12.09.23.png

It is located on a 3000m2 lot, on the Mexican Pacific coast, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. The idea of ​​this single-family home is generated from the framing of certain existing natural spaces, we decided to elevate its protagonism, generating magical places, producing cinematographic conditions, that propose meeting, reflection and contemplation. They are defined as patios between the modules of the rooms, contained between the green roofs that can be visited, connecting with each other, promoting new sustainable situations, which accompany the required programmatic resolution, inviting permanence, visual and sensorial enjoyment.


The house is distributed in three isolated pieces, configured in two separate rectangles and out of phase with each other, in concrete and wood, floated from the ground, above the natural water mirror, solving the rooms. The third piece is developed in the structure of the "Palapa", in it the social areas, pool and fire areas are solved, which are expressed from their constructive image and local materiality, respecting the strategy proposed on the image of the place established within the master plan.

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2019 -2020
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